The IberianPro operating group we are part of is still advanced. We already have a website where producers and industrialists can understand in depth what are the benefits we hope to obtain from this innovation project.

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the proteolytic potential of the cross-bred Iberian pork in Extremadura to increase its value and ensure its differentiation and sustainability in an increasingly competitive market. It is intended to demonstrate that the crossbreeding with local genetic lines of the Duroc race (not improved by their lean growth) present a lower potential proteolytic in fresh meat than when using the current Duroc genetic lines of high Lean yield.

The comparative demonstration of the different lines Duroc will contribute to lay the bases for the promotion in the domestic and foreign market of the Iberian pig crossed produced in Extremadura, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Livestock farms oriented to the rural Renaissance. Otherwise, it is not possible to compete properly considering the higher production costs of semi-extensive breeding.

This project is one step further in the direction of the #ibéricoparatodos, since it not only seeks to bring a higher quality meat to the consumer, but to facilitate the continuity of traditional modes of production in the rangeland environment that help the social development of the West of the peninsula.

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