Project Provacín: Innovation in vaccine programmes for the reduction of antibiotic use in Porcine

The Center for Industrial Technological Development has granted IBERICO MARKETING, S.C.L. a grant of 249,024.00 euros for its participation in the project of the Feder Innterconecta program in its call for 2016 with reference ITC-20161016 called VACUNAL PROGRAMS BASED ON THE INFECTION CHAIN TO REDUCE THE USE OF ANTIBIOTICS IN PORCINE, granted to [...]

Official communiqué on the position of Ibercom in relation to the modification of the quality standard of the Iberian (Royal Decree 4/2014 of 10 January).

A standard with very noble objectives... The current Royal Decree 04 /2014 sought with its publication some clear objectives: Improvement of racial purity, better and greater control of pigs in montanera, improve the quality of Iberian bait products regulating both the facilities and the breeding and handling of animals, [...].

The Iberianpro operating group starts up its innovation project

The IBERIANPRO operating group has been the beneficiary of the aid of the European Agency for Innovation (AEI) in terms of productivity and agricultural sustainability, through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), the PDR of Extremadura and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Food and Environment (MAPAMA), for the implementation of the innovative project entitled "Improvement [...]